Eco friendly Product Sends Us Packing
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Eco friendly Product Sends Us Packing

We use an Easypack hand-built machine which effortlessly converts 100% recycled paper into Eco-Friendly, void fill, cushion-packaging material. This Eco-friendly product sends us packing with pride, knowing we are doing our bit to help the environment whilst protecting our client’s property. It has made a huge difference in the way we package items for distribution.

Anyone with an interest will have seen the dreadful effect plastic has had on ocean life.

Seeing the tragedy of the Texas-sized floating mass of pollution prompted the large UK chain Wetherspoons to ditch plastic straws for good. You can read about our ideas for tackling the crisis in an earlier article on our sister site.

The paper solutions are very adaptable. Additionally, they offer a significantly reduced risk of product migration compared to traditional void fillers.

Furthermore, lightweight paper cushions absorb impact and hold items tightly in place during transit. Easily shaped and moulded they provide maximum protection. Equally important, no object is too complex.

Moreover, we use 100% Recycled or Recyclable, biodegradable paper.

The Acrobat Group and Paton Brown are proud of their approach to sustainable energy, resource protection and environmental care. Come and do business with us and be part of this new caring attitude to corporate responsibilities.

Finally, it’s important to know you can make a difference.

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