Direct Mail for Charities

Direct Mail for Charities


Paton-Brown having dealt with the Charity sector for many years, have gained a lot of specialised knowledge of their requirements. Whether you are a small local charity or a large national charity your requirements are often the same. Many charities work on tight budgets and timelines and will often deliver their campaigns using in-house staff or volunteers to keep costs down. Sometimes it can be more beneficial to outsource to a company that understands your goals and can help with providing preferential rates for postage, packing, envelopes, packaging and print.
At Paton-Brown we aim to provide charities with a complete mailing and fulfilment service to save time, money and aggravation.

Newsletter Mailings
Most charities keep in touch with their donors through magazines or newsletters informing them on how the charity is doing, of upcoming events and where they are up to with targets. At Paton-Brown we can help design, print and distribute them whilst making sure you meet the criteria required for advertising mail therefore reducing mailing costs.

Fulfilment for Charities
Paton-Brown offer a full range of cost effective direct mail solutions for charities, including:
  • Data Processing
  • Design Services
  • Litho and Digital Printing
  • Laser Personalization
  • Supply of Printed Envelopes
  • Machine Fulfilment and Sortation
  • Postage Discounts
Database Services for Charities
Paton-Brown can help charities with their donor mailing lists, donor insight and general database management. Our FREE data audit service will help you improve on donor responses and help save money on excess print, packaging and postage.
Our services include:
  • Data Base Management
  • Postcode Verification
  • Suppression
  • Data Screening and De-duplication
  • Royal Mail/DSA Sortation
  • Customised Reporting
Donation Handling for Charities
Paton-Brown offer a multi-channel approach to donation handling including:
  • Data Capture and Cleansing
  • Receipt of Donations and banking
  • Distribution of Welcome / Thank You Packs
  • Reconciliation of Donations
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