Postage Discounts

Postage Discounts


Postage prices, whether UK or Overseas, seem to be changing all the time and it’s our job to know the best available rates for you. Since the removal of Royal Mail’s monopoly on postal services, postage has become a commodity affected by market forces. Down Stream Access (DSA) providers came into the market and picked off the more profitable work. Therefore, whether it’s Royal Mail or a DSA provider like TNT, UK Mail, Secured Mail, Citipost or others Paton Brown stays  updated with the latest developments regarding postage costs. 
The cost of postage is determined by various factors including:
  • Delivery speed (1,2 or 7 day)
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Message content
  • Quality of data 
Our dedicated account executives have the knowledge to guide you through the options to enable you to find the right provider with the most cost-effective service for your project or campaign.
These options can include:
  • Low and unsorted mail OCR/CBC
  • Business mail
  • Advertising mail
  • Publishing Mail
  • High sorted mail
  • International mail
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